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Common Questions About Log Homes

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Frequently Asked Questions

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How much does your log home cost to build per square foot?

What’s the average price per square foot of your log package?

Do you offer custom designs?

What log size is best for my area?
Where do your logs come from?
What’s the R-factor of your log walls?
What wood species do you offer?
Are your logs treated?
What about termites?
Will my home require a special foundation?
How are your logs graded?
Do your homes require Chinking? Is chinking expensive?
Is homeowner’s insurance more expensive for log homes?
How long have you been in business?
Tell me about your warranty.
I’ve heard people talk about the log walls shrinking and settling. How do you allow for that?
I want log or timber rafters in my house. Can you do that?
Do your log homes meet all building codes?
I want my logs to be round outside and flat inside. Can you do that and is it more expensive?
There are a lot of log home companies and all of them tell me about their quality. Why should I buy from you?
Aren’t log homes a lot more expensive than anything else?
I don’t understand why I’d have to pay for a planning guide. Why don’t you just give planning guides to people who are interested?
When will my logs be delivered?
My site is pretty much on top of a mountain. Will your trucks have any problem getting to it?
Do your prices include delivery?
Why don’t you supply things like roofing, windows, framing material, insulation, sheetrock and kitchen cabinets?
You’re asking me to send you a lot of money before I ever get any materials and then you want the rest before the trucks are unloaded. How do I know I’ll get everything I’ve paid for?
I’m pretty handy. Will I have any problem building one of your log homes myself?
Do your logs come precut?
How do I get Started?

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