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The Process to a Quality Lodge Log and Timber Products Home

Lodge Log and Timber Products Process for Making the Best Quality Log Home

1.We harvest our own trees from Idaho’s forest using only the best quality logs for our pre-cut log home packages. With our sawmill and pellet mill we will be able to select the best quality logs for our log homes.

2.American grown "Select" grade logs are harvested locally and are debarked and cut to length. They are then turned on a green lathe to a 1" over diameter for drying until they are ready to become the finished product.

3.A stress relieving kerf is placed near the heart of the log to facilitate drying to 15% moisture content at the core of each wall log.

4.The stress relieved green logs are placed outside to air dry which can take up to one year and then placed in solar kilns for 6-8 weeks to finish the drying process until they reach a constant moisture content of around 15% or less at the core.

5.The kiln-dried logs are stored out doors at our facilities in Boise, Idaho where the low relative humidity aids in the final stabilization of the logs.

6.The stabilized logs are milled to our unique Swedish Cope profile with a single Tongue and Groove. The T&G in the Swedish Cope provides a better seal than just a standard Swedish Cope.

7.The Swedish Coped single T&G logs are pre-cut to your set of drawings with our computer controlled system. All house logs are cut-to-length within 1/16" and dadoed where logs adjoin each other in the walls and finally saddle notched for corners.

8.The finished profiled logs are moved through the line and are individually graded to "Select" standards. Our certified log graders are monitored by the nations leading independent wood grading agency, Timber Products Inspection, Inc.

9.The graded log is drilled for the Thru-Bolt system and labeled to designate its position in the log wall per the blueprints of the customized log home designs. You or your builder will receive a wall stack showing you where each house log should be placed.

10.The log length, dados, notches and drill holes are checked on a second cut list for accuracy by the certified log grader.

11.Extra logs are manufactured to further insure the customer will have what is needed to construct their log wall system. The two cut lists are checked against each other as a triple-check to insure that all logs have been manufactured.

12.The wall logs are bundled into units for shipping with the location of each log noted on the bundle list for easy locating on the job site.