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The Lodge Log and Timber Productss Advantage

If your going to build a log home, why not start with a log...

Lodge Log and ATimber Products uses select grade western white wood logs which are lathed over sized with the heartwood in the center of the log for stability.

Many log home companies, without access to their own logging operation, buy "cants" from sawmills and mill them to a log shape.

The cants are square timbers often sawn from very large diameter logs, or juvenile trees harvested and cut into square timbers which are prone to twisting and warping due to the interrupted growth rings and unbalanced location of heartwood to sapwood. It is important to have the heartwood near center when a cant is used.

Lodge Log and Timber Products uses only top quality logs harvested by their own crews using modern logging practices that promote sustainable use of the forest. Starting with green logs allows the best control of quality and consistency.

Kiln dry it all the way...

Lodge Log and Timber Products immediately debarks the fresh-cut logs on a debarker to remove the bark and eliminate any insect larvae. The logs are then green lathed over sized with a "curing kerf" placed in the house logs. As the log is dried, the "curing kerf" alleviates a lot of checking and allows drying to the center of the log. This curing kerf process avoids the problems of inconsistent moisture content, insect infestation, and stabilizes the log when it is dried down to around 15% moisture.

And fasten it with thru-bolts...

The Lodge Log and TImber Products thru-bolt system uses a 5/8" threaded steel rod that is spread out approximately every two to four feet along the wall. The steel rod runs from the foundation to the top of the log wall through pre-drilled holes in the logs. A 1000 pound tension spring at the top of each rod compresses the logs for a permanent weather-tight seal and allows for 3/4" of settling when compressed completely. Combined with dry logs, this virtually eliminates settling problems and the need to chink between logs. No settling jacks have to be used with our system.