About Us

Headquartered in Boise, Idaho, Lodge Log and Timber Products continues to be a leading log home manufacturer since 1975. A pioneer and leader in the log home industry, Lodge Log and Timber Products provides the finest milled log home available in the business with a limited-lifetime warranty and extraordinary support services to its valuable customers. Be it your primary or vacation home, Lodge Log and Timber Products ensures that from inception to completion every employee is committed to helping all our customers fulfill their dreams of owning a beautiful log home.

Combining the best of nature and technology, each log is precisely milled in a modern state-of-the-art manufacturing facility. Our innovative through-bolt wall system and foam sealer system secures each home with an exact fit and excellent structural stability that eliminates the need to use chinking throughout the life of the home and thereby assures you of a dream home that can withstand the tests of time.

Lodge Log and Timber Products  homes innovative designs furnishes every log home builder and owner the freedom to create a custom home or modify one of our standard floor plans to match preferred tastes and lifestyles.

In addition, our advanced techniques grant customers the alternative to compliment our engineered wall systems with natural tapered or milled logs for roof members, vertical character logs, log railing, fireplace mantels, and dimensional timbers. Most importantly every home is custom designed to meet the local structural requirements. Lodge Log and Timber Products works hand in hand with the U.S. Forest Service and private property owners to maintain Idaho’s renewable forests. Harvested green logs are transported to our manufacturing facilities where every aspect of log processing and drying is quality controlled. We offer various green-cut western white woods all of which are kiln dried to a moisture content around 15 percent or less and graded to Timber Products Inspection (TPI) standards. Log profiles include Swedish cope and D-Log, both with a single tongue-and-groove and with saddle notched corners. Wall logs are kerf cut to relieve stress and facilitate drying which also eliminates a lot of checking and the need for chinking.

In addition, every home is precut for windows and doors, pre-notched and pre-drilled for our Thru-Bolt system that insures a tight fit which was pioneered by us. This precut system ensures the walls are easily assembled reducing time, waste and most on-site cutting. Log walls are available in diameters from 6 to 12 inches sanded smooth or hand hewn. Lodge Logs on-site technical assistance and technical supervisors are always available to answer questions throughout the entire construction process.

Lodge Log and Timber Products  is a company that was founded and built on a solid foundation of trust, integrity, quality, experience, teamwork and excellent customer service. Being in business for over thirty years we have taken care of over 3,000 customers, we feel that with our dedicated professional staff and experienced dealers we will fulfill your dreams of owning a Lodge Log and Timber Products home.